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RBanking – Loans Department

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

RBANKING : Loans Department

The loans module of the RBanking software allows users to quickly process and manage loans. At a click of a button you can :

  • Prepare a schedule of payments.
  • Make payments for loan accounts.
  • View all pertinent details of a client’s account, from transactions to a list of all other accounts with the bank.

Generate reports for loans approved and released along with charts showing the distribution of releases. Prepare notices and reminders quickly. These can be printed individually or by batches according to the dates desired.


Access to functions in the LOANS program is determined by user log in. For example, new employees are restricted to only accepting applications for new accounts and selling heckbooks; while others have rights to enter transactions. The security module embedded in the program allows managers to control the transaction amount allowed to certain employees.

Loans Department Logon Screen

RBanking – Managing Loans

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

RBANKING : Managing Loans

The loans folder provides an easy way to keep abreast of accounts and clients.

The loans folder shows all payments, rebates, and condonations made for a particular loan.

The loans folder also shows clients’ details along with all transactions, and provides a listing of other accounts.

Loans Folder

View Clients & Accounts

This gives users another way to track clients by viewing all accounts of the selected invidividual.

Penalty & Interest Payments Distribution

View the history of transactions for each loan account. It shows all payments made for penalties and interest. Here it is easy to see which clients have good credit.

Lookup Penalty/Interest

Alternatively, view the list of payments made by a client for all his accounts, regardless of the accounts that he/she has.

Penalty/Interest Lookup


Users see details of a particular loan account such as account details, collateral information etc.

Loan Portfolio

Shows the distribution of loan releases amongst the general loan types i.e. as well as their respective breakdowns.

Loan Portfolio

Pending Approvals & Pending Release

Users can see the list of accounts pending approval or releas. At a click of a button, get further details of the loan.

RBanking – Loans Processing

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

RBANKING : Loans Processing

Application Form

Fill up the Loans Application form by entering all pertinent details about the client and the loan. View the terms of the loan and due dates of payments.

Loans Application Form

Approval Form

Only users with high access levels are allowed to approve loan applications.

Approval Form

Creating Accounts

After approval of a loan application, create the account.

Creating Accounts

Pending Approvals & Pending Releases

At a glance, view the list of accounts pending approval or release. Click a button to view further loan details.

RBanking – Creating Reports

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

RBANKING : Creating Reports

Accounts Opened Today

View or print all accounts created for the day.

Accounts Opened for the day

Today’s Transactions

View all the transactions for the day carried out by user currently logged in.

Transactions for the day

Teller’s Reports

See the movement of cash for a teller. View the amount of cash taken out and brought back in, along with daily transactions in the t-account format. This signals the transfer of funds from a savings account to a current account whenever a check is issued.

Teller's Report

Cashier’s Report

View employee records of cash withdrawn.

Cashier's Report

RBanking – Transactions

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

RBANKING : Transactions

Transaction Window

Save transactions and validate slips and passbooks after completing a transaction.

Transaction Window


  • Select Trans Group:

    Limits the list of transaction groups presented in the droplist. Describes a range of accounts and transactions

  • Transaction Type:

    A name given to a certain transaction with a corresponding entry in the ledgers of the bank. If the transaction type is not
    explicitly defined in the bookkeeping rules, the user must post to the general ledger.

* After selecting an account, account details such as name, total deposits, uncleared deposits, and available balance are displayed

*An override notice is given when a transaction requires the approval of another bank employee

RBanking – Managing Accounts

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

RBANKING : Managing Accounts

Use this feature to search for a particular record.

Account Information

Account Information

View clients’ account details in the account information window.

Account Ledger

Account Ledger

View account details in the Account Ledger Window.

See information about a savings/deposit account as well as all transactions made to date.

Editing Accounts

Edit entries and information of accounts here.

Checking Balance

Use the Checking Balance to check and compute for the balance amount of an account.

Check Management

  • Check Register – shows all checks that have been issued by the client
  • Check Inventory – shows all checks bought by the client. These are sorted by date.
  • Check Review – shows details of check stubs issued to a client as of a certain transaction. It also shows
    information about the transaction.

  • Who owns Check – displays the owner of the check.
  • Uncleared Checks Viewer – shows all uncleared checks. The total amount of uncleared checks is shown at the

  • Check Registry – displays all checks that have been received and are awaiting clearance. View the date of
    transaction, the amount involved, the bank where the check was issued from, and the date of clearance.

Check Information

  • Client Information – displays clients’ details such as contact information, birth date, etc. Edit data here.
  • Addressbook – Client’s contact information are listed by alphabetical order. Locate a client using the letter
    buttons at the bottom of the screen.

RBanking – Creating Accounts

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

RBANKING : Creating Accounts

Create an account for regular savings and demand deposits (Loan Accounts are created in the Loans module).

Issuing a Passbook

Issuing a Passbook

Issuing a Checkbook

Issuing a Checkbook

Keeps track of checks sold. New checkbooks and their serial numbers are entered into the database.

Every time a checkbook is sold, the serial numbers of the check stubs are registered to the client.

RBanking – Cash Department

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

RBANKING : Cash Department

This module handles applications for new accounts, cash/check transactions, checkbook management and generating cash blotters at the end of the day.

Main Menu

Access to functions in the CASH program depends on user log on. For example, new employees are restricted to only accepting applications for new accounts and selling checkbooks; while others have rights to enter transactions. The security module embedded in the program allows managers to control the transaction amount allowed to certain employees.

Cash Department Logon Screen

The welcome message shows your login information and level.

Right-clicking here opens a menu with the following options: Transactions; Teller’s Blotter; Cash Out; Proofsheet; Find Account; Account Ledger; Balance Checker; Login

Rural Banking Main

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

What is RBanking?

RBANKING is a windows-based business application designed for rural banks in the Philippines.

The software can handle savings accounts, loan accounts, time deposits and current accounts. The integrated system can do financial reports and has an execellent audit trail.

General and subsidiary ledgers are integrated into the Transaction module, thus, books are updated at every transaction.

The Rbanking software is divided into the following modules:

  • Cash
  • Loans
  • Accounting
  • Report Generator
  • Bank Auditor
  • Utilities