We are dedicated to providing timely solutions.

We give reliable customer service, with updates since 1995.

We value data integrity so you get accurate information.

HOMRES SYSTEM INNOVATORS, INCORPORATED (HOMRES CONSULTING) is an IT group based in the island of Negros, Philippines. Composed of hardworking and result oriented innovators and developers dedicated to service, the group endeavours to assist organizations in their move toward office automation by providing software development, data integration, connectivity, research and training.

Our Vision/Mission

Our vision is to be “The Leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Provider”  in  the  island of Negros covering all aspects of systems analysis, design, deployment and management. We aim  to work with private and public organizations  to develop  ICT solutions  that will promote productivity,  increase efficiency,  inter-organizational coordination, expand  the scope of operation and acceptance of computers as  the primary medium of  information  interchange with  the purpose of becoming competitive in the local and global market.

Our Commitment

We are committed to bring to our clients comprehensive ICT solutions that will keep them on top of
what happens in their organization. It is with zest that the we have been building networks and
database systems for the past 17 years. We use the latest and most reliable technology to ensure that
our clients get the most from their investment. In our quest for excellence, we are committed to the

  • Provide low cost, simple but efficient and comprehensive ICT solutions.
  • Provide assistance during transition and post deployment periods.
  • Ensure enterprise-wide data security.