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Secure Online Support

Monday, July 12th, 2010

HOMRES System Innovators launches its newest support utility: Remote Technical Support (RTS).

HOMRES System Innovators has always emphasized the importance of after-sales support. Our team does its best to support clientele spread out across the Philippines. So much time is wasted in travelling and waiting in airports. This is time we could better spend brainstorming new ideas!

In response to a need to be in many places at the same time, our technical support team came up with an idea to use the Internet to reach our clients instantaneously, thus, the Remote Technical Support (RTS) facility.

  1. What is this RTS?

    RTS is simply two computers, the client and the HOMRES staff, sharing one screen, keyboard and mouse. Any changes to the screen, mouse movements or keyboard presses on the client’s computer are seen on our staff’s screen as well and vice versa.

    There is no physical connection the two computers. The Internet creates a virtual network where they interact.

  2. Wouldn’t this be dangerous to my privacy?

    We say a very resounding NO. The only time a connection between the two computers is established is when a request for help is sent from one of our clients. A ticket is immediately shown in our main office and the next available person will answer your concern.

    After all your questions have been answered you terminate the connection. At no time does HOMRES System Innovators access your network without your permission.

  3. Do I need a DSL connection to avail of this service?

    A DSL connection is not “needed” but it is highly recommended. Even a dial-up line is sufficient to establish a connection but there are some issues that can appear such as:

    a. Sudden disconnections

    b. Delayed screen changes

    c. Slow keyboard and mouse movements

  4. Is there way of communicating to the support staff while the RTS session is ongoing?

    Yes. There is a chat window which is used to provide a two-way communication.

  5. Ok I’m interested! Now on to brass tacks, how much more do I need to pay for the RTS service?

    The RTS service will be charged the same as an ordinary office visit from the HOMRES staff and nothing more. You may even need to pay less because there are no transportation expenses.