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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

SUGAR4 is a series of related components, working together to keep you updated on what is happening at the sugarcane plantation. Some questions answered by SUGAR4 are:

How much did it cost to produce one bag of sugar from this field for a specific crop year? What is my break even production? What fields are productive or which fields are not turning a profit? What did I do in the productive fields that differ from those those that are losing money? Will I have enough seed material for next year? Which equipment is eating up profit?

Sugar4 – Features

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Non-stop Innovation and Development

The product of more than a decade of development and consultancy, SUGAR4 is the first software to offer all the tools needed by sugarcane farm managers. Not only do we satisfy your information needs, we also pursue new solutions to aid in efficienct management. Our recent accomplishments include porting portions of SUGAR4 to the Palm PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and integrating geographical information (GIS) to the GPS services of SUGAR4.

Fast and Reliable Information

From its first release in 1994 SUGAR4 has grown to meet the planters’ demand for fast and reliable information. Our list of clientelle has grown to total more than 60,000 hectares. Using SUGAR4 they have cut down the time needed to collate data. Farm owners will be able to get detailed information without spending more for data entry.

Get Your Investment Back Many Times Over

SUGAR4 will help increase your profits by streamlining your operations. SUGAR4 reports will help you see how farm practices affect your profit, non-performing fields and varieties, field work excesses and many more. SUGAR4 has the detailed information needed to back up each one of its summary reports.

Excellent After Sales Support

Our after sales support is what distinguishes us from all other software developers. The software has context sensitive help. If that is not enough, our friendly help desk personnel are well trained and ready to help you with any questions you may have. Our company continue to serve the original SUGAR4 users from 1994.

Manage In Comfort Anywhere

Whether you’re in the farm, in Manila or half a world away SUGAR4 provides you with the same information. The latest data can be sent quickly through e-mail wherever you are. SUGAR4 is now also portable; carry all your SUGAR4 reports in a small Palm PDA. Enroll with our internet service and view SUGAR4 reports and GIS at!

Check Writer

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

MODULES : Check-Writer

Create checks for transactions individually or in batches. Enter the starting check number and Check Writer generates the series of checks to be printed. There is a utility to cancel checks as well as reports on checks issued.


  • Handle check printing for multiple banks
  • Individual and batch check preparation
  • Maintain a record of checks printed
  • Cancel checks
  • Integrates with other HOMRES products


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

MODULES : Payroll

This is a program to help schedule and track employee work time and generate payroll on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. Handles required government deductions as well as employee accounts. Personnel ins and outs are recorded through swipe cards


  • Employee scheduler
  • Log daily time through swipe
  • Generate accurate listing of hours worked for each employee
  • Payroll preparation with deductions (personal and government-required)
  • Employee accounts monitoring
  • SSS and Phil. Health reporting

ESRA Technical Information

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

E-SRA : Technical Information

  • ODBC compatible database structure.
  • Microsoft software architecture compatible with the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Fast Form development and implementation.
  • Web-enabled reports are available.
  • Compatible with COA government system (ENGAS).
  • Scalable network architecture.
  • Enhanced Kerberos security system.
  • Inter-department messaging and e-mail system.
  • Instant messaging software is installed for all key players.
  • Multiple points of entry eliminating single point of failure.

ESRA Implementation

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

E-SRA : Implementation

The implementation of the SRA ICT Solution for Negros and Panay is divided into three parts:

Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN)

The LAN will provide the means to share data between the different departments of SRA. The WAN will provide data delivery and sharing of information between SRA, the MDDC’s and other players involved in the sugar industry.


The Database is the central repository of data for the entire agency.

Developed Software Application

The developed Software Application is the front-end software.

ESRA Key Benefits

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

E-SRA : Key Benefits

  • Real-time information. Key players can access accurate public information quickly.
  • Improvement in SRA’s services. Information found in SRA is up-to-date and much easier to access. Data can also be retrieved much quicker.
  • SRA Online. Public information can be accessed through the Internet.
  • Enhanced sugar regulation. E-SRA will greatly enhance the capabilities of SRED to monitor sugar production and transfer.

ESRA Features

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

E-SRA : Features

  • Submission of Production Data
  • Quedan Changes Tracking
  • Production and Stock Balance Reports
  • Sugar Withdrawals and Shipments
  • Trader Information
  • Centralized Sugarcane Variety Database
  • Connectivity of Research Laboratories
  • Personnel Information Management
  • Repairs and Maintenance Monitoring
  • Fuel and Utility Usage
  • Quick Retrieval of Information


Thursday, May 13th, 2010

What is E-SRA?

E-SRA is a collection of programs, applets and protocols aimed to collate data into a singular database which aims to provide the sugar industry with the correct information they need to operate more efficiently. The decision of the Sugar Regulatory Administration to use Information & Communication Technologies will speed up document delivery and promote transparency; and because data entry is done only once from the source, information is less prone to human error.

Appropriate and timely reaction from the reader will enhance the performance of departments within the agency. It will likewise be a fast medium for exchanging information by stakeholders in the industry.

This system will help SRA accomplish its three primary functions:

  • To institute an orderly system in sugarcane production for the stable, sufficient and balanced production of sugar, for local consumption, exportation and strategic reserves
  • To establish and maintain such balanced relation between production and requirement of sugar and such marketing conditions as will ensure stabilized prices at a level reasonably profitable to the producers and fair to consumers
  • To promote the effective merchandising of sugar and its by-products in the domestic and foreign markets so that those engaged in the sugar industry will be placed on a basis of economic viability

E-SRA will enchance the performance of departments within the agency. It will also serve as the information exchange center for shareholders in the industry.

Point of Sale

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

MODULES : Point of Sale

A network-ready sales management system for recording sales and monitoring inventory. Provides secure access and audit trails for each transaction. This system includes warehousing and basic accounting as well as real-time reporting on sales and other activities.


  • Sales recording for cash and credit
  • Account statement preparation
  • Sales reporting by date, department, product category and shift
  • Individual sales transactions for accounting audit
  • Purchasing and receiving of items
  • Materials inventory and information on barcodes, price and pricing trend.
  • Locator inventory monitoring
  • Transfer and return of items from locators to warehouse
  • Item returns to suppliers
  • Reporting on accounts payables and receivables
  • Record disbursements
  • Trial Balance
  • Multi user access
  • Secure logins