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A computer network is basically a connection of computers and resources like printers, scanners and servers with the goal of increasing efficiency in an office environment. The major advantage of a computer network is that it allows file sharing and remote file access. A person sitting at one workstation of a network can easily see the files present on the other workstation, provided he is authorized to do so. It saves time otherwise wasted in copying files or transporting physical documents from one person to another.

In addition to that, people can access or update the information shared in a database, making it up-to-date and accurate. Our very own SUGAR4 system works best in a network setting with multiple users simultaneously entering and verifying data.

Earlier networks suffered from holes in security hence why people still assume that this is the scenario today. In truth, computer networks provide a layer of security that is not available to stand-alone computers. Networks offer centralized security, which allows control over access to the network and its resources. Depending on an organization’s requirements, this functionality is customizable to help protect sensitive data from loss, destruction, theft, or unauthorized disclosure.

With centralized data storage, they offer the ability to place shared data on a central server. Servers have a unique software architecture to keep out unauthorized users. Network backups are also easier and more reliable because all data resides on one physical location which is easily updated. This reduces the cost incurred during system failure from data loss.

Resource sharing is also another important benefit. Computer networks allows storage space and network peripherals, such as printers, to be shared by users therefore reducing hardware requirement and expenses. Instead of buying multiple peripherals, one network device can be used to service everyone on the network.

HOMRES Systems has always put emphasis on networks as the building block of a successful Information System. We work with any organization, no matter its size, and find the best solution to fit your needs. From conceptualization to successful deployment, our team of professionals will guide you through it all. Our Networking Team has had experience working with:

  • TCP/IP Local Area networks
  • Indoor and Outdoor 802.11 B/G/N Wireless networks
  • WEP and WPA Security protocols
  • Active Directory Domain Deployment
  • Internet VPN services
  • Remote Assistance over the Internet
  • IP Camera installation and Access over the Internet