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What is E-SRA?

E-SRA is a collection of programs, applets and protocols aimed to collate data into a singular database which aims to provide the sugar industry with the correct information they need to operate more efficiently. The decision of the Sugar Regulatory Administration to use Information & Communication Technologies will speed up document delivery and promote transparency; and because data entry is done only once from the source, information is less prone to human error.

Appropriate and timely reaction from the reader will enhance the performance of departments within the agency. It will likewise be a fast medium for exchanging information by stakeholders in the industry.

This system will help SRA accomplish its three primary functions:

  • To institute an orderly system in sugarcane production for the stable, sufficient and balanced production of sugar, for local consumption, exportation and strategic reserves
  • To establish and maintain such balanced relation between production and requirement of sugar and such marketing conditions as will ensure stabilized prices at a level reasonably profitable to the producers and fair to consumers
  • To promote the effective merchandising of sugar and its by-products in the domestic and foreign markets so that those engaged in the sugar industry will be placed on a basis of economic viability

E-SRA will enchance the performance of departments within the agency. It will also serve as the information exchange center for shareholders in the industry.